Is it a good idea to know how to count cards in blackjack?

If you have ever seen the movie Rainman, you will know that blackjack card counting takes some serious skill. If you know a lot about mathematics or have an excellent memory for numbers, then you are very likely to be successful at it, but is it a good idea to use it? Well, before you learn it or use it, you need to know that in many countries, counting cards in blackjack is illegal. Especially in America, this is a practice that is taken very seriously by casino authorities, and many a gambler has been thrown out of a casino for doing it.

This of course leads to the question of the digital casinos. Can you count cards when playing online? Many people will tell you that you can’t. Because of the programming of the games online, cards are shuffled constantly, and the dealer doesn’t need to keep using as fresh deck the way they would in a physical casino. This makes it much harder to engage in casino card counting.

For many people in physical casinos who engage in card counting, authorities often do not catch them because of the many mistakes that have been made in the past. There have been many incidences in which an amateur with no blackjack strategy whatsoever was mistaken for a card counter simply by coincidence. Of course this looks very bad for the casino involved when the person who is identified as a cheat actually has no idea what a blackjack card counting system is.

Many sites that offer blackjack tips will tell you that if you have the brains to figure out how to count cards, then you deserve to use this method win the game. Don’t be fooled though. Casinos frown on this practice. In many cases, they will ban you from the casino and all of its subsidiaries should you attempt to cheat. Even online, someone who is found to be manipulating a game in any way will be banned. Casinos aim to provide games that are free and fair for everyone to play and though it may seem that the house always wins, there are times that online gamblers get a good hand a big payout.